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Hi, I'm Zena

And I'm a color addict

Mainly, I'm a graphic designer. I work at Blackstone Publishing doing what I love: designing! I specialize in book cover design with a passion for illustration. In my precious spare time I am most likely cooking, taking a stroll through the city, or starting a new hobby that I promised myself I wouldn't!

Although I currently live in Portland, Oregon, I've spent most of my life growing up in Ashland, Oregon surrounded by amazing artists like Inger Jorgensen, Gabriel Lipper, Kevin Christman, and Steven LaRose. The exposure to such creative power houses mixed with an insatiable hunger for all things pop culture built a solid foundation for my passion –some might say addiction– for graphic design. I enrolled in the Emerging Media and Digital Arts program at Southern Oregon University, but eventually switched to Rogue Community College's Graphic Design program for a more focused education in the field. But let's be honest, who I really should be credit to for my education is The Internet.

Thanks to the world wide web I consider myself to be a life-long student. I am in a constant state of exploration and experimentation, and I hope to maintain this level of enthusiasm for as long as physically –and mentally– possible. I feel artistically limitless. So please, throw a challenge my way!

What?! You want to know more?

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