As you'll scroll, you'll notice a lot of square and rectangular layouts with titles and authors. That's because my day job consists of creating both print and audiobook covers! I am given a lot of creative freedom to design within that box. The creative brief I am given when starting on a new cover is the back cover summary, genre, keywords, target audience, marketing points, author's previous books (if any) and the print cover. Sometimes we release the audiobook cover simultaneously with the print book cover, so I need to figure out how to visually tie together elements of the print design so consumers will recognize and associate the audiobook with the original, whether that is type treatment, subject matter, texture, value, mood, or my favorite, color! Depending on the licensing agreement, I am either in close contact with the author or my art director, making sure the design successfully conveys the contents of the book, as well as relates to the audiobooks target listeners.

Audiobook cover redesign and illustration for Uneasy Lies the Head
Audiobook cover design for The Body Myth
Final cover design for Death Waits in the Dark
Final cover design for Jubilee
Cover concept for Jubilee
Album art for Sugar Beats
Album Art for Diamond in a Lotus

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